Word in Action

Welcome to Word in Action Ireland, led by Neill & Adel de Winnaar. Word in Action Ireland have joined hands with Wexford Christian Community Church to spread the message of Word in Action throughout Ireland. Word in Action is part of a rich legacy of transformation and empowerment that began over three decades ago in South Africa. For 34 years, we have been fervently dedicated to bringing people closer to the heart of the living God through our dynamic weekend ministry.

Neill and Adel are former regional leaders for Word in Action Natal, a sunny region in South Africa. From the first conference they attended, it gripped their lives and changed it radically for the better. They experienced a leap of spiritual growth, and Word In Action has been their passion for the past 20 years. “Our dream is to introduce people to the life-changing message of WIA and help them through the work of the Holy Spirit to transform their lives and equip them to become stronger”.

At Word in Action, we believe that true change happens when faith is activated in action. Inspired by Isaiah 61:3, we endeavor to not only impart the Word of God but to empower individuals to put it into practice in their daily lives.

We are committed to equipping our participants with the tools and wisdom they need to become “trees of righteousness,” bearing the fruits of God’s love and grace in their communities.

Our gatherings are characterized by vibrant worship, transformative teachings, and authentic connections. Whether you’re seeking personal renewal, deeper spiritual understanding, or simply a supportive community, Word in Action Ireland welcomes you with open arms.

Join us as we journey together towards a life filled with purpose, joy, and the undeniable presence of the Almighty. Let us together bring glory to His name as we live out His Word in Action.

For more information, please feel free to contact us:

Neill de Winnaar – 087 382 0511
Adel de Winnaar – 087 334 2422

Neill & Adel de Winnaar

Neill & Adel de Winnaar