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Sun, Jan 19, 2020
Duration: 35 mins 24 secs
Brother John looks at current events and challenges us all to consider the times that we are in and our position and responsibilities in Christ Jesus. (Apologies for the poor sound quality)
Sun, Jan 12, 2020
Duration: 36 mins 24 secs
Pastor Paul delivers a Bible Teaching reminding and encouraging us to remember the promise - the power and authority that is available to all true believers through Christ Jesus. (Apologies for poor sound quality)
Sun, Jan 05, 2020
Duration: 43 mins 13 secs
Pastor Paul delivers a Bible Teaching challenging us to be the ambassadors of Christ that He intended us to be and to do so as true Brothers and Sisters in Christ. (Apologies for poor sound quality)
Wed, Dec 25, 2019
Duration: 14 mins 25 secs
Pastor Paul delivers a Christmas morning Bible Teaching which blesses, encourages and challenges all. (Apologies for poor sound quality)
Sun, Dec 22, 2019
Duration: 45 mins 22 secs
Pastor Cathy invites us to consider the wonderful blessings that Christ has bestowed on us and how precious we are in His sight.
Sun, Dec 08, 2019
Duration: 23 mins 23 secs
Pastor Pat challenges us to live the life that Christ would have us live, being Christ-like in all we do.
Sun, Dec 01, 2019
Passage: John 6:46-70
Duration: 1 hr 9 mins 27 secs
Guest Speaker and dear friend of the Church Pastor Nick Cassidy reminds us of the grace Christ has imparted to us.
Sun, Nov 24, 2019
Duration: 27 mins 56 secs
Brother John Kehoe looks at the story of Esther and reminds us to find great encouragement from her story.
Sun, Nov 17, 2019
Duration: 41 mins 59 secs
Pastor Paul challenges and invites us to consider the promise that is in Christ Jesus for all true believers.
Sun, Nov 10, 2019
Duration: 33 mins 56 secs
Pastor Pat looks at the importance of Holiness in the life of the true believer.