Eddie & Joan

Transparency and Accountability

Welcome to Wexford Christian Community Church, where stewardship and service are at the heart of our mission. At the helm of our financial operations stands Carolyn O’Connell, leading our dedicated Church Finance team with unwavering commitment and expertise. With a deep-rooted passion for both faith and fiscal responsibility, Carolyn ensures that our financial practices align seamlessly with our values, enabling us to uphold our commitment to transparency, accountability, and responsible stewardship of resources.

Ensuring Financial Integrity and Stewardship

Under Carolyn’s guidance, our Church Finance team meticulously oversees a myriad of duties essential to the financial health and integrity of our community. From managing budgets and financial planning to overseeing donations and expenditures, every task is executed with precision and care. Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, maintaining accurate records, and providing financial reports to church leadership and members are integral components of our team’s responsibilities. Additionally, we work closely with ministry leaders to allocate resources effectively, supporting the diverse programs and initiatives that enrich our congregation’s spiritual journey. With a steadfast dedication to serving both the practical and spiritual needs of our community, Carolyn and our Church Finance team play a vital role in enabling Wexford Christian Community Church to thrive and fulfill its mission.

Joan & Eddie Doyle

Eddie & Joan Doyle